Scholarships for Your Teacher Prep
Getting certified to teach in Connecticut doesn’t have to break the bank.
Getting certified to teach in Connecticut doesn’t have to break the bank.

It's understandable to have your eye on the cost of educator preparation programs. The good news is that there are lots of opportunities for Connecticut teacher candidates to reduce their need for loan repayment, or qualify for other financial incentives, to make training and teaching in our state more affordable.

Check out the featured scholarships, loan forgiveness and other financial assistance for Connecticut teacher candidates below.

You can also browse nearly 100 national financial opportunities that are designed specifically for individuals like you who are interested in pursuing a teaching career.

Featured Connecticut Scholarships

Take the Time To Apply

Scholarships and other types of aid benefit you well beyond your college years: Some of them even provide assistance after you graduate by offsetting your student loans or helping you buy a house.

Plus, winning scholarships and grants is a great way to build your resume and set you apart from the crowd when applying for teaching jobs later on.

Keep a lookout for colleges and universities that offer their own scholarships, internships and other opportunities for students to offset costs.


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